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Wall and ceiling magnets

Wall and ceiling magnets

Ceiling magnets are a revelation for rapid and easy fixing of promotional material in shops and showrooms for example.

An adhesive power of no less than 60 kg is possible! Hey are made in steel or synthetic material. The standart colour is white. Other colours are available on request.

Ceiling magnets are provided with an open or closed hook and can be attached to both walls and ceiling.  

You can contact us by email or by telephone.
Ceiling magnets - synthetic
Pack = 10 Pcs
Typ no. Diameter Magnet. force
GM14404 with eye (white)
d=16 mm 1,4 kg
GM14410 with steel hook (white)
d=43 mm 12 kg
GM14411 with eye (white)
d=43 mm 12 kg
GM14409 with countersunk hole (white)
d=43 mm
12 kg
GM14408 with threaded hole M6 (black)
d=41 mm 11,5 kg
GM14412 with threaded hole M6 (black)
d=60 mm 30 kg
GM14413 with threaded hole M8 (black)
d=80 mm 48 kg

Ceiling magnets - steel
Color: white
Pack = 10 Pcs
Typ no. Diameter Magnet. strength
GM14419 with hook d=16 mm 2 kg
GM14420 with hook d=20 mm 3 kg
GM14421 with hook d=25 mm 4 kg
GM14422 with hook d=32 mm 8 kg
GM14423 with hook d=36 mm 10 kg
GM14424 with hook d=40 mm 11 kg
GM14425 with hook d=47 mm 18 kg
GM14426 with hook d=50 mm 20 kg
GM14427 with hook d=57 mm 28 kg
GM14428 with hook d=63 mm 32 kg
GM14429 with eye d=80 mm 60 kg
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